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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Mysterious object confirmed to be from another solar system -UFO 'Expert' Says We May Have Woken Aliens!!

Here we have it folks. Straight from the man who ran the Ministry of Defence UFO Investigation unit, the Ministry of Defence "UFO analyst" the now, it seems, top exobiologist.  Or it could all be utter bull-shit to get his name in the news.

You see, Mr. Pope claimed that his 'rank' was the equivalent of a senior Army or RAF officer all those years back when he had very little real knowledge of the UFO phenomenon (I keep all my emails and letters if he ever needs to check with me).  In fact, he was just one of many, many desk clerk civil servants whose job involved taking complaints from the public about many things and UFO reports was in that lump of subjects.  He filled in the form and passed it along.  He did not run an investigation unit nor did he wear down the soles of his polished shoes by going out and investigating. He followed an unofficial policy to downplay UFO reports -he admits this over and over. It was part of his job as a civil servant.

His rank?  He gave it several times and I know two people who were civil servants at the same time and asked about this.  They laughed. "It's not a rank of any kind it's a civil service grade!"  They kept laughing as their grades, they worked out, would make one a Brigadier General and the other a Field Marshal.

Pen pushing civil servant.

But the Americans love the accent and spin and, boy, can Mr. Pope present a good story.  And once you have your foot in the door of US TV you want to keep it wedged there.

Nothing personal against Mr.Pope but making claims that he was the head of some elite unit and that he analysed all UFO reports is pure trash.  When I first contacted him he had never seen any of the reports that I had passed along to those at the MoD involved in UFO investigation.  Hey, he wants to make a living out of trash TV shows dealing with UFOs then good luck to him but he should expect to be called out on claims made.

"Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defence's UFO project" 
That deserves calling out.

Here is the Daily Mail report:

Daily Mail online:
While initial readings taken by Breakthrough Listen indicate that Oumuamua isn't an alien spacecraft, Mr Pope suggests the scientists may have been looking for the wrong thing

Attempts to scan the mysterious Oumuamua 'comet' that hurtled past Earth may have 'awoken alien intelligence inside', UFO expert warns 

Oumuamua appear in our solar system earlier this month sparking alien claims

  • Initial scans suggest that the object is just a rock, and wasn't sent by aliens
  • But Nick Pope claims that this scanning may have awoken aliens inside
  • He says that aliens may now be watching our every move - and that if they attack, 'humanity probably wouldn't survive' 

Earlier this month, a skyscraper-sized space rock arrived in our solar system, sparking claims it was a spacecraft sent by extraterrestrials.

And while initial scans suggest it is unlikely to have been sent by aliens, we shouldn't rule this out as an option, according to a leading UFO expert.

Nick Pope, former head of the Ministry of Defence's UFO project, claims that the scans may have 'awoken the intelligence inside,' and aliens may now be watching our every move.

The rock, called 'Oumuamua, soared through our solar system last month.

Scientists led by Professor Stephen Hawking, in a project called Breakthrough Listen, even used high-tech scanners to discover if the object was sent by an alien civilisation - although they also couldn't find any evidence of this.

Speaking to Sun Online, Mr Pope claims that this doesn't rule out the option that Oumuamua was sent by aliens.

He said: 'While nothing has been found yet, there's another intriguing possibility: If this ship is an alien probe, it's possible that our scans will awake the intelligence inside.'

While initial readings taken by Breakthrough Listen indicate that Oumuamua isn't an alien spacecraft, Mr Pope suggests the scientists may have been looking for the wrong thing.

He said: 'Because there's no air in space, an alien spaceship wouldn't need to be designed in the same way that our aircraft have to be.

'Rather than building an interstellar spacecraft from scratch, it makes perfect sense to take an asteroid and then build your ship around it, or hollow it out and build inside it, for the protection you'd derive from being surrounded by so much rock.'

And Mr Pope claims that Oumuamua isn't the only object we should worry about.

He added: 'Simply put, any alien ship searching for life may go into a dormant mode until it gets close to an inhabited planet.

'But what's fascinating about this theory is just how many astronomers and other scientists are taking the idea seriously.

'It's a sign of how accepting we are these days about the likelihood of finding alien life.'

While aliens are often seen as a topic only discussed by conspiracy theorists, governements are starting to take the idea more seriously.

Last week it was even revealed that the Pentagon had been conducting research into UFOs.

Mr Pope said: 'It's an extraordinary revelation, not least because it directly contradicts the many specific denials that the US government has issued previously when asked about this subject and their involvement in it.

'The take-home message here is that there's probably something out there, but we don't know what it is.'

If aliens do find us, it's not good news for civilisation as we know it, according to Mr Pope.

He added: 'Humanity probably wouldn't survive an alien invasion.

'Any aliens that find us (as opposed to us finding them) probably have technology way in advance of anything we have.' 

"It's an extraordinary revelation"  That there was a 'secret' Pentagon UFO investigation since 2007? Just what are these so called Ufologists doing other than getting well groomed for their many TV appearances that this investigation was such a shock to them.  Over the last seven years or so I have mentioned that UFO reports are still checked out by the US military.  I even spoke with a couple of those involved so if I knew and was talking to these people WHY was the UKs top UFO analyst not involved?  I am speechless.

Sadly, everything else Mr. Pope said was a re-hash of old science fiction stories and UFO conspiracy factions as well as things claimed by Prof. Hawking (about a less developed civilisation being discovered by a superior one).  Same old same old.

An artist’s impression of interstellar asteroid `Oumuamua. It is a dark red highly-elongated metallic or rocky object, about 400 metres long, and unlike anything normally found in the Solar System.
above: an artist's IMPRESSION of the object

Mysterious object confirmed to be from another solar system

Interstellar object ‘Oumuamua covered in 'thick crust of carbon-rich gunk'
The mysterious interstellar object ‘Oumuamua that is shooting through our solar system is wrapped in a thick coating of carbon-rich gunk that built up on its cosmic travels, astronomers have found.
New observations of the cigar-shaped body found evidence for a deep surface layer that formed when organic ices – such as frozen carbon dioxide, methane and methanol – that make up the object were battered by the intense radiation that exists between the stars.
The 400-metre-long object is the first confirmed interstellar body to visit our solar system. It was spotted in October by researchers on the Pan-Starrs telescope in Hawaii after it barrelled past the sun on its way through. The name is taken from the Hawaiian word for “messenger” or “scout”.
The deep outer crust may have formed on the body over millions or even billions of years and gives ‘Oumuamua a dark red colour, according to researchers who investigated the object with the William Herschel Telescope on La Palma in the Canary Islands and the European Southern observatory in Chile’s Atacama desert.
“This is a slowly spinning skyscraper-shaped object with a greyish-red surface crust and potentially ice in its heart,” said Michele Bannister, a planetary astronomer who worked on the observations at Queen’s University in Belfast. When carbon-rich ice is baked in interstellar radiation, it creates a layer of “organic gunk,” she added.
The coating may explain why ‘Oumuamua did not billow clouds of gas and dust when it swept past the sun earlier this year, well inside the orbit of Mercury. Most comets shed vast plumes of gas when they are heated as they swing past the sun, including comet 67P which the European Space Agency’s Rosetta missionchaperoned around the sun in 2015.
“It may well be that this object is icy inside,” said Alan Fitzsimmons, an astronomer on the team at Queen’s University. “If the surface layer is a few tens of centimetres thick, then any ice underneath would not have been heated enough by the sun, because it takes time for the heat pulse to travel through.”
The astronomers began watching ‘Oumuamua days after it was first discovered when it was more than 40 million miles away and travelling at 130,000 miles per hour. The telescopes found no signs of rocky minerals or ice on the surface, but did find evidence for the carbon-rich crust.
“This surface layer is what happens if you take comet ices and comet dust grains and bake them with high energy particles for millions or even billions of years,” said Fitzsimmons.
The researchers went on to compare the measurements of ‘Oumuamua with those taken from asteroids and comets circling in our own solar system. They found that ‘Oumuamua resembles the so-called Trojan asteroids near Jupiter, but also objects in the Kuiper belt beyond Neptune, the most distant planet in the solar system. “Our observations are very consistent with this having started life as an icy body in its own system, similar to those found in the Kuiper belt or around Jupiter,” Fitzsimmons said. Details of the work are published in the journal Nature Astronomy.
Last week, astronomers on an alien-hunting project known as Breakthrough Listen used the huge Green Bank telescope in West Virginia to monitor ‘Oumuamua for radio signals in case it happened to be a passing spacecraft, and not an interstellar asteroid after all. To date, no signs of intelligence have been found.
ahem...."Nick Pope has issued a shock warning over Nibiru..."  I write no more.
Next week: "Former UK Government UFO Chief: Caterpillars Are Alien Reconnaissance Force!"

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