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Monday, 25 December 2017

This Is A Worrying Trend

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So how do I relax on Christmas Day? I check out You Tube videos.  And I notice that there is a very worrying trend.

"Mad Sasquatch attack!!"
"Aggressive group of Sasquatch"
"Terrorised by a Sasquatch!"

And many other similarly titled videos.  There are videos with vocalisations that could be "Bigfooters" out "Squatch-calling" or even coyotes.  Certainly some bear warning off vocalisations and this follows on from years of TV and online fakery and lies.

But then we have the comments to videos about "As the sasquatch population is growing they move closer to urban areas" and "They are moving into urban areas and unchallenged its humans who will pay the price" to which can be added: "We heard these noises in the forest close-by and we need to move before they attack!"

The fact that humans are cutting swathes out of forests and covering former game trails or habitat with houses is NOT wildlife/Sasquatch "invading" urban areas but humans invading THEIR areas.

It seems that in the United states EVERYTHING is out to kill humans so needs to be killed.  Wolves, wolverines, badgers -you name it and people will shoot it.  When you see two grinning morons hunters posing next to a truck load of wolves they just killed you understand what "Federal protection" of a species means.

Say a Sasquatch was shot and this proved they existed -what then? Federal protection won't do any good because the good ole boys with guns will want to get their trophy protect their families and livelihoods and the rich hunters will want one, too.   Constantly building up a very faked threat from a species simply puts it in the sights of anyone with a gun -"It was standing there and looked at me and I'm sure it was going to attack so I shot it!" (people killing wolves have tried that one).

Wildlife -which includes Sasquatch if they exist,- live in the wild whether forests or mountains. It has been where they lived before Europeans landed in North America -and I include the Vikings, Irish and Welsh before Columbus.

Leave the wildlife alone and it will leave you alone.  Bigfoot is not going to go on an inner city rampage.

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