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Thursday, 26 July 2018

It's THAT Time Again....

Now I know that, since 2011, I keep making these appeals but to be quite honest there are so many people viewing this blog and the AOP Face Book page that I decided "Why not?"

I cannot find every single news item  that appears across the world on, and let's just not concentrate on UFOs here, there are reports of sea 'monsters' (unless they have all died off) out there -pass on a url or even a news-link or just let me know.

If you have read this and visit this blog and are one of the 347, 022 viewers PLEASE help the blog out. News, reports -it all helps me put posts together and if everyone wants to keep seeing new posts on the AOP blog: this is how we can get  it done.

It's that or occasional posts when I find something by accident!

Over to you guys!

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