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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Mysterious Deaths and Requests

I got two different people emailing me and one reporter from Wales(?) in the last few days asking me what I thought of the UK UFO animal mutilations.

Is something going on that I don't know about?

Why me?  Well, silly question that since I guess it has something to do with my time spent advising UK police forces on exotics (large felids and canids) from 1977-3013...also, yeah, my UFO work does tend to catch up with me! But I have not, to date, seen any evidence of unexplainable -"mystery"- deaths of animals.

The question that really needs to be asked is whether those looking into the matter would even be willing to share data they have.  One thing I have found over 40+ years is that "A" will claim to have photos or samples "proving the case" but will "A" share with "B"?  99.9% of the time the answer to that is "No".

This means that any information gathered and reported on is firmly based on the opinion of "A". He can claim UFOs, secret military devices or even green and blue zebras were responsible.  However, "A", like any investigator/researcher, must have their findings and evidence looked at -this is peer review and it never takes place in Ufology (or we would never have had the whole "Greys" debacle -unless peer review found in its favour evidence wise), cattle mutilations and so forth.

I have a good few photographs of injured/dead sheep, ponies from the UK. I could immediately labelo these as mysterious.  However, as a naturalist I know what to look for and the questions to ask and, above all else, I have the files and maps that could proffer solutions in some cases.

In effect, I go into something with the knowledge I have but never believing the cause is This or That because that is not the scientific way of going about investigation or research.  You start with a blank slate and then look at each case based on any information from witnesses and a study of what the photographic evidence shows. Only -and only- after you have gone over all of this can you tentatively assess and draw conclusions.

Claims by associates of Richard D. Hall (check You Tube) of human mutilations in Wales I have very little belief in. Over 40 years I have spoken to farmers, shepherds and many others in the area involved and I have heard many strange stories -you might think "Well, they found them mutilated bodies up there" might creep in. Never have.

One project that I am intending to get back onto is one I started a year or so ago and reported on this blog -the "mysterious" deaths of seals. As a naturalist with an interest in how things in the sea are surviving I have to admit that the idea of seal cannibalism due to very low fish stocks on our coasts (how this means we might have a "healthy" fishing industry once the UK leaves the EU beats me) and seals starving.

I am more than aware that fishermen in some areas are actively killing seals, whom they see as competing for 'their' catch, using methods from shooting, traps and bludgeoning with all sorts of items. I am also aware that seals run into/pulled into ship propellors -some are hit by speedboats and so there are any number of grisly wounds that need checking and assessing.  Not to mention whether hunger has resulted in seals becoming weaker and being unable to fight off diseases.

Again, it is a case-by-case assessment.  As with UK non-native cats in certain areas, I got the warnings to keep my nose out of seal deaths in certain areas.  It seems that most of my life as a naturalist/researcher I have been told to keep my nose out of things or "face the consequences" and the one thing I note is that this was never ever from official bodies.

So my Autumn and Winter projects are sorted out!

Can I just add that if you have seen anything unusual -UFO, odd animal (where ever), or ghost activity- then please get in touch. I never EVER dismiss reports out of hand and confidentiality is always very important!

In email messages use the subject "AOP Appeal"

Thank you

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