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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The Girt Dog of Ennerdale -Mystery SOLVED


Over 200 years ago, in 1810, sheep were being killed in the Ennerdale area of Cumbria. The sheep were allegedly hardly eaten yet their blood had been drained and the killer responsible thwarted the efforts of organised hunts and terrified hounds.

What was the “Girt Dog” of Ennerdale? Many theories abound from a paranormal creature called a “Mauler” to an escaped hyena , Tiger or even a Thylacine. Perhaps an unknown species of native British big cat?
The truth of what the “Girt Dog” was lies within the original accounts of the time. Documents that modern writers appear to have never consulted.
Noted British naturalist Terry Hooper-Scharf assesses the evidence.

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