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Sunday, 12 August 2018

A UFO Lands on a US Highway. Multiple Witnesses. A CE 3K Takes ignored

"CE3K" refers to Close Encounters of the Third Kind -where an alien-entity is seen in conjunction with a UFO.

I find it truly amazing how "major UFO investigation" organisations talk-the-talk for the TV cameras or the UFO fans at conventions and fill an hour up with their "Best UFO footage" (chinese lanterns, balloons, aircraft and even stars -all out of focus) but when it comes down to the wire...well,they do not even reach the proverbial wire.

In chapter 28 of UFO Contact? I give all the details regarding a major multi-witness UFO incident.  In fact, one UFO hovered over a US highway while another landed.  Oh, and an entity was seen to temporarily emerge. Remember: multiple witnesses and we have some of those names.

Here is the thing, the incident took place in 1973.  Pascagoula involved two men with no other known witnesses at the time -Ufologists flocked there in droves.  Well, I could cite case after case that was swamped with investigators but only involved 2-3 percipients.

We only know what happened in this case because one of the witnesses, who sounded genuinely scared, contacted a local radio station and the DJ there took notes and recorded the interview. No less than Ted Bloecher, seen at the time as the CE3K expert in the US, urged that the case be investigated as soon as possible as it could be very significant.

The two local investigators said "okay".  Poked around the Pascagoula case until they realised the "Big Boys" were involved.  They tried to get into a case involving a well known entertainer and his UFO sighting -backed away when the "Big Boys" got involved. In fact, they talked-the-talk but could not do one step of "the walk".

In fact, the two investigators are prominent by their complete lack of any action at all.  There is a rumour that it was one or both of them who started rumours to the effect that the 'witness' (only one and they knew better) was "iffy".

The entity described is, and I have searched the thousands of reports in my files, unique.  That in itself could be very significant.

So, with all the details kindly provided by the Centre for UFO Studies (CUFOS), I tried to contact investigators in the Mississippi area. Responses: "Probably a hoax". "Well, could be wasting our time -likely a hoax" and "Seems to be a hoax".  Based on...reading a short summary (I am assuming here that they did read the summary). Now, let's see, if it turned out to be a hoax then the hoaxers never followed up and no word has ever surfaced of a hoax claim. If it is genuine then we have a unique, multiple witness event that, despite urging from Ted Bloecher and others, was never investigated -not even a report form sent to the witnesses.

Why would a case of this potential be ignored -everyone was on top of any UFO landing or alien-entity claim at that time.

There is something very unsettling I have noticed about reports from this period and it only takes a close look at the literature back then as well as how cases were promoted or put on a back-burner. The multiple witnesses were all black and came from a poor black area.  Other "black" witnesses of the time seem to be almost dismissed and I asked (with no prompting, just a request to read through the chapter of the book and tell me what they thought) three people who have been involved in Ufology for decades for, as I wrote a general opinion on the incident.

The first Ufologist was British and he said he was "uneasy" about the investigators and what their behaviour implied. Next, someone now living in New York who used to live in Mississippi: "Reading this, that guy never had straight enough hair!"  In other words, he/they were black.  "You have to remember those were different times.  Two white guys driving into a poor black area would probably be scared.  There were a lot of bad things going on in Mississippi back then. Different now". The other contact lives in California and agreed with the one in New York: "There were so many good reports we lost back then. Real danger was mostly in the mind".

If there was concern a meeting could have been held at the radio station or somewhere else. It does make you wonder what the "good reports" were that were lost through investigators not wanting to visit black areas.

But there is still a chance that some of the witnesses are alive. There are + and - to opening up a cold case investigation.  However, the witnesses could have made notes or drawings at the time and it is far better to at least try to rectify past mistakes than ignore a case like this with a dismissive "too long ago" -did Ufologists not attack and criticise the United States Air Force over exactly that same excuse?

So I contacted MUFON. "Dismissive" does not cover the response. It is a long shot but I am going to have to start searching for the witnesses and seeing what I can find out.  Far easier for American investigators of course but American ufology will have to live with the past shame and current unwillingness to do the right thing.

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