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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Fake Moon Landings? Ancient Astronauts?

I prefer to not get too bogged down on one subject. I always maintain a healthy interest that means I will look for case updates or new video clips.  If someone suggests a breakthrough in one particular subject then I will check to see what their evidence is or if they are merely flapping their gums.

I was asked by a reporter about "the faked Moon landings" and I stopped him immediately and pointed out that the Moon landings were not faked and every argument that they were is based on stupidity and not knowing fact from fiction.  The remnants of the old Apollo missions have been photographed on the Lunar surface by space probes.  I even posted a video on the AOP Face Book page in which someone systematically tears up the theory. The response? "Well it's a bit of free publicity--"

I put the phone down.

Just as all the arguments from the ancient astronauts crew can be dismissed -again I posted on the AOP FB page a long video that tore the "This needed super advanced technology" to build theory to pieces.

Let me explain.  Back in the 1970s I asked Carl Sagan about UFOs and ancient astronauts and so on. Very brief exchange. The response echoed one he had made publicly; there is no reason why some advanced extra terrestrial civilization might not have visited Earth in the past. There was just no physical evidence. Cite every cave drawing and petroglyph/hieroglyph you want it is not evidence of any extra terrestrial visitation in the past.  For one thing we know what a lot of these things mean or that they are related to religious beliefs but as no early Man/Woman wrote down everything (well, the glyphs ARE them writing stuff down!) so that we know "this" represented the sun or moon gods or the god of animals etc., we base our research on what we already know.

The Star Child skull I dealt with in Pursuing the Strange and Weird: A Naturalist's Viewpoint and, no, I will not tell you what I concluded -buy the book it took a lot of hard work to put together!  That said, if you use the Star Child Skull in your pro-early ET visitors claims: you lose.

There seems to be almost a mental block with people today.  Almost as though no one reads books, research papers or looks into anything themselves. What someone tells you on You Tube is not necessarily factual and though there are some superb science channels that is still not all you need to know.  We are Homo sapiens ("wise man") and we have brains we should use.

Yes, you will learn on You Tube that there is evidence pointing to a lineage of Welsh kings and there is an Arthur and Arthur II. When I pointed this out to some Welsh people I was asked "So what?" I explained that there was a great wealth of Welsh history re-written by English conquerors -their heritage. They were more excited by Beyonce and JayZ getting married.  The common response from people toward history is "Why should I care about what happened back then?"

In the 650s the Dark Ages  came.  Now, again on You Tube you will find a claim that "a comet struck Britain" and there was an exodus to Ireland and Europe.  Well, if a comet or fragments of a comet hit Britain no one would be packing up to leave!  In fact, it seems as though the culprit that brought on the virtual "nuclear winter" was a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia.

There is "The Great (New England) Darkness" of May, 1780, dealt with in Some More Things Strange & Sinister, had a number of theories put forward but the likeliest (it seems almost proven) seems to be a huge fire.  Remember that, in 2018, California fires resulted in smoke reaching as far as New York some 3000 miles away. In the 650s (AD) there was no satellite, phone or other system of communication  between remote parts of the globe. Volcanic dust -not a comet striking Britain- brought about the Dark Ages.

At one time it was thought that pyramids in Egypt were built using hundreds of thousands of slaves who laboured away and died in droves. That was still being claimed by speakers at UFO events in the 1980s to prove ET intervention. Our knowledge through archaeology, research and investigation has told us how the pyramids were built -mini towns of skilled workers and labourers including people working constantly to keep copper tools sharpened.  We know the rations of food and beer allocated to workers.  No aliens.  No levitation machines. These Ancient Astronaut bunko men rely on people taking their word on "it was impossible for a hundred men to move that stone" because if you have read a real book by a real archaeologist or even a TV programme that is factual you would be asking the bunko boys for your money back.

We are where we are today because of our ancestors and the civilisations from Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Maya, Inca and even Amazonian (maybe even some waiting to be discovered) and what they achieved. In Amazonia the cities were lost to vegetation after diseases introduced by Europeans wiped the peoples out -pure fantasy...but now science and archaeology have proven those cities existed.

Humans managed to reach the Moon.  Men with a lot of guts sitting on huge 'bombs' that were to blast them into space.  Some died.  Some almost died -remember Apollo 13?  There was even a movie if that helps.  None of this was faked in a studio by Stanley Kubrick and if you truly believe that you definitely need the help of a psychiatrist.

Belittling the achievements of our ancestors and brave men in recent history is like spitting in your own face. It is almost as though Humankind has reached an IQ blockage in a certain percentage of the population.

This is how it should be done.  You discover a strange body, mummified with deformities then that needs to be studied and really ought to be put back where it was found later. "It's human with a deformity" and that is an end to it and screaming about a cover-up just makes you look daft.

You discover an artefact or strange petro/hieroglyphs then make them known.  Let the experts in the field study them.  Again, the fact that it probably has nothing to do with aliens does not diminish any interest in the find. There are, however, so many faked "alien artefacts" from tractor and digger parts to faked little amulets that it is hard to keep up with it all.

Citing the 'research' of someone who has done no real research but is something of a crank does not help your case.  If you want to live in a fantasy world where The X-Files, Dr Who and lords know what else are mish-mashed together then no problem.  Just keep it to yourself.

If you have evidence of a claim then stamping your foot and saying "I'm not letting you see -it's mine!" means you have nothing. Evidence should be looked at by people from whichever discipline is best and the results double-checked.  It is called "peer review" and if Melba Ketchum had been serious about Bigfoot DNA testing that is what she should have done -not produce a nonsense that made anyone really interested in scientific study back away.

When talking to UFO witnesses, if I found an explanation for what they sighted, the most common reaction I got was "Oh I'm so sorry. I feel such a fool now and I have wasted your time!" No. I have had to point out repeatedly that they should not be embarrassed nor feel they have wasted my time because even these cases tell me something -how and why a person saw what they did and the circumstances and conditions that make them think they had seen something inexplicable -it all helps in any real study.  So, no, I do not feel my time was wasted.

You have to look at everything without bias.  You have to investigate, research and, if possible, try to create the circumstances in a case.  Talk to people. Yes, a hundred, two hundred cases may be filed away under some classification or other but you learn and that could eventually lead to a case that stumps you.  Something completely unexplained today -maybe even discovering a new species.

Just do not belittle any of Humankind's past (ancient or more recent) achievements and expect me to jump onto the band wagon for "publicity".

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