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Friday, 31 August 2018

Unidentified -Identified

I got an email -no comment on the blog though- asking why I had removed the very lengthy post (10 pp in WordDoc) on Abductees and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In 24 hours it had received 10 views while older posts got far in excess of that number of views.  Why bother?  It will go into my next book.

Another book?  Yes, another one. Unidentified - Identified is not, as you might think from the title, a "let's debunk cases" book.

I never "debunk": what I do is look at the facts and what we know and, if what I find is the solution then I offer it along with references.  This is no cut and paste sensationalistic pack of lies and half-truthsThe X-Files and Dr Who are science fiction/fantasy and not reality.

Unidentified - Identified  will look mainly at alleged UFO incidents and the subject itself. However, if a case arrives on my literal doorstep unannounced I will look at that if it is interesting enough whether UFO or not.

Let me make my own personal opinion clear:

(1)  I do not believe that some alien space craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.  Until the 1980s and Charles Berlitz and William Moore wanting a bit of padding for a book no one gave a cuss about the report.  No witnesses came forward and it was established by the early 1950s that the author Frank Scully was either hoaxing or fooled by hoaxers. That is still being argued. No dead aliens.  Then people like Leonard H. Stringfield saw their was "gold" in the subject and there followed report after report on "Retrievals of the Third Kind".  Fake. The National Archives in the United States HAS the Roswell wreckage as described in the famous FBI telex message.  Go see it.

(2) A 19th century flying saucer crash and buried "Martian" at Aurora, Texas. It was established by the 1970s that the whole story was a newspaper hoax at a time when Aurora was another dying little town. Then the flying saucer money-makers saw their chance. If -if- they truly believed what they wrote and talked about then those ufologists were fooled.  But people are people. I tend to be less sympathetic to those who deliberately lie and brush away facts.

(3) I do not believe that the United States Air Force or any of the world's air forces or governments have any crashed "alien space saucers".  At my last count there were supposedly 100+ and all I have to say is this: come on -they have the advanced technology to travel intergalactic space but crash one after another.  That is so ridiculous that I have to sit back in amazement when people say they believe this is real. And the alien bodies (remember these are witnesses of integrity and their back top secret clearance or whatever makes them beyond question as genuine):

Small caskets were ordered from local undertakers because, obviously, the USAF had no access to anyone who could get the wood and cut and then nail it all together. Seriously?

There is a vast cold storage area beneath Wright Patterson AFB for storing the dead aliens.  There was also one under the Empire State Building until the 1970s.  Do not get these confused with the one at Area 51. Or the one in Washington. get the point?  Now let's not confuse things because we all know (of course) about the living aliens being interrogated in various locations around the United States and Russia.  We know about this because there are only 4-5 individuals operating in the utmost secrecy and if any of them spoke out they would be "terminated".  Oh, come on: we know that should be "Twepped" -"terminated with extreme prejudice" and what sort of intelligence agency employs 4-5 men and cannot find out who blabbed.  Oh, but we have the poor video footage and photographs to back up the claims. Now I look a fool for doubting all of this.

(4) We do know that, for Intelligence created agenda, even veteran USAAF/USAF pilots were ridiculed or treated as poor witnesses after UFO encounters. This may have prompted the so called "Shoot it down" order because then USAF senior officers and their supporters could have given their Intelligence bosses "the finger" and said "There. **** you!" Inter-service rivalry is one thing but there is a bigger war going on in the corridors of power.

We do know that all of this resulted in Intelligence led operations to confuse witness testimony, spy on witnesses and so on -as with Betty and Barney Hill. All of this helped to confuse the Soviet Union over US spy planes, test aircraft and more because the GRU or KGB were not interested in "nut case" flying saucer and contactee reports: they wanted military intelligence info.

In some cases we know that members of the Intelligence community threatened witnesses but, and let us get this out of the way, they did not murder "prominent Ufologists.  Sadly, people in all walks of life get ill and die -some suddenly.  Some suffer from depression and at a time when you never talked openly about this and people noting "changes" would assume "something was going on.  He was less talkative, snappy".  People suffering depression do commit suicide.

Sudden deaths -with the Anomalous Observational Phenomena Bureau two leading supporters died within months of one another.  Then another died. Dave Cowdy (an AOP B member) died of a massive heart attack. Later Franklyn A. Davin-Wilson, after a speedy recovery from a kidney operation, died suddenly of a heart attack.

The supporters who died suddenly were in their late 70's and early 80's and cause of deaths were natural -various health problems and complications.  Dave Cowdy had suffered from ill health but (we are talking late 1970s) had an undiagnosed heart condition.  Franklyn had died due to a blood clot: back in 1983 Warfarin was not routinely dispensed to prevent blood clotting after operations.

It is despicable in the extreme to start using the deaths of individuals as part of your warped theory or lies to sell books.  These were people with wives, children, parents who grieved and for them to read the sort of thing being written about their loved one's death.  Disgraceful.

(5) I have never had any problems when it came to UFOs and police forces or the Ministry of Defence, RAF, Royal Navy or Army. In fact, they have all been quite helpful over the last 40 years!  I recognise that certain military operations are sensitive for one reason or another and my interest is getting to the bottom of a report not sticking my nose into military matters or things they might be working on. "Is it worth me digging into this report more?" usually gets a response like "Well you won't find any aliens" and that is enough because their is a certain "code" with conversations and that backed up by what I would have already discovered before any conversation is enough.

I treat MoD officials (with a certain exception and he should know who he is) with the respect that I expect from them.  In the case of the 1980s Ghost Lear Jet (reported on in Some Things Strange & Sinister) I had come to a dead end and then received a telephone call from the MoD section dealing with Search & Rescue -that call opened up the case for me.

The MoD got copies of my UFO investigation reports. I expected no correspondence from this. I have made it clear and open since the 1970's that if any government department including the MoD wanted to know about my UFO work or conclusions they just had to ask -after all, they are covered by the Data Protection Act so they are not going to go blurting things out to newspapers or reporters!

(6) Hoyt S. Vandenbergh and the alleged UFO "Situation Report" (1948) that he ordered destroyed. In 1946, he was briefly the U.S. Chief of Military Intelligence and to say to his superiors that there were things flying in US airspace, over military bases and out-flying their best interceptors and no one had any idea what theses things were or came from but they were not Soviet...not good. So he destroyed the report because it confirmed extra terrestrial craft were involved. That is what we are told by people who report gossip and fit it into their own agenda but have never seen the report.

It comes down to whether the report actually stated "It's aliens!" which I was told it did not. From what we know (there was still rumoured to be a copy of the report in 1980 because all copies were not destroyed) those compiling the report looked at information available and the Soviets could be ruled out as could any other power. Meteorological and astronomical solutions/theories were looked at. The idea that this was superior technology not from this Earth might have been considered -at the time it probably seemed the best solution. Situation Reports offer "options" and facts because that is what they are for and they are advisory.

Major General C. P. Cabell, USAF Director of Intelligence wrote, in a note to the Comming Officer of Air Material Command on 3rd November, 1948:

"The conclusion appears inescapable that some type of flying object has been observed. Identification and the origin of these objects is not discernible to this Headquarters. It is imperative, therefore, that efforts to determine whether these objects are of domestic or foreign origin must be increased until conclusive evidence is obtained. The needs of national defense require such evidence in order that appropriate countermeasures may be taken."

And that is the point: evidence to back up any proposed solution to the question of "what they are". To say to the President of the United States, the Commander-In-Chief: "Sir: it's all little green men" is, and let's under state things here, career suicide. No evidence, no defence against and after all these are flying saucers from outer space.  "Ah, General -you need a very long vacation. Permanent".

As with the British MoD -in fact as in every walk of life from bakers to pub owners and even policemen and scientists- the USAF probably had those who were on the fence about the origin of UFOs, others probably thought they came from space and the others were just downright dismissive of all the UFO and alien bunkum. Each person will decide where they stand and just how vocal they are and even being in a senior positions does not mean you are impervious to jokes having your career put on hold if you shout "UFOs are from outer space!"

People are people.

(7) There is a military-alien alliance or that aliens are in control and get a free hand in abducting people. This is a joke. "We" are shooting them (UFOs) down.  "We" have their craft and alien bodies. It goes on and on.  Yet they (aliens) are in command walking all over us.  Give me a break.

(8) I do not believe, based on the lack of any real evidence, in David Jacobs' "mass alien (Grey) abduction" paranoia.  As I have written on this blog as well as my book, UFO Contact?, Jacobs lost the plot somewhere -and I state that as someone who strongly supported his and Budd Hopkins' work. Now you can dismiss my stance but if you do so without even reading why I believe this then that just shows a closed mind -something UFO believers accuse everyone else of.

Ufologists needing to be "silenced" is a joke. I once met a military man and we talked about this and he chuckled and responded: "No one needs to silence them. They fight amongst each other as well as lie and cheat to get one up on each other!"  This is true.  In the UK it was around twenty years ago that the lid blew off British Ufology and the fact that well known ufologists were faking UFO reports and photographs but even after that there was no out-and-out re-organisation because ufology lost its true purpose back in the early 1990s. Any real research is carried out by private individuals of varying degrees of competence.

Ufology, cryptozoology and all the other "ologies" are all just fan clubs practicing self deceit or some form of fraud that keeps them promoting  incidents and cases proven -proven- 20, 30, 40 or 60 byears ago to be fake/hoaxes or were explained.  All thrown out because the slick-haired media darlings are on to a money-earner.  Captain Thomas Mantell was not killed by a UFO: it was a tragic accident and the facts clearly show that.

To be honest I want to get to the truth. If I cannot explain something then I will say so and I will even ask that anyone who does have a solution gets in contact with me.  

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