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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

17th April, 1897 Aurora UFO Crash

James & Coral Lorenzen of the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) had mentioned in at least two editions of its APRO Bulletin how Frank Scully and Co. had been exposed as hoaxers fairly quickly in the 1950s over their crashed flying saucer story -Roswell. It was a hoax.  Fake. Never happened. I spent from 1979-1985 trying to look into the Roswell crash and Leonard H. Stringfield did all in his power to make the Crash-Retrieval phenomenon a profitable concern.

But, today, Roswell is still touted as a profitable business for local community concerns as well as ufologist hacks who have no interest in the truth.

Another profitable, for some, UFO crash was the one alleged to have taken place in  1897.  In the early 1970s almost everyone involved in ufology knew that it was a hoax -the perpetrator admitted it within days.

Jim Marrs and UFO Hunters as well as so many of the other liars have tried to make -and succeeded where certain people are concerned- the 1897 event genuine. With UFOs twenty suckers are born every minute.

You want to believe in a Dr Who-UFO fantasy world where around 150+ flying saucers have crashed since 1947...well, if it makes you happy.

If you want to know the facts then read the below from the APRO Bulletin Vol. 21, no. 6 of May-June, 1973.  Challenge the ufological liars who throw away facts because lies and deceit make money...from you.

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