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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Everyone has had 8 years to join in!

Yesterday I posted this on the Alien Entity/CE3K blog:

This is why trash ufology wins out every time.

For me the disappointment is that there have been 3,875 views of this blog since 2015 -
though most of those views have been since the blog went public in 2017. 

So what is my disappointment?

Possibly, in fact is, the fact that 128 posts have been viewed and produced some original research/investigation material but not a single reader has had any questions?

Have we stagnated that much through internet use that no one has the ability to ask a question or communicate? Presumably those 3,875 views came from people with an interest in the subject matter?

A general reader? Someone trying to learn more? No serious ufologist?

Apparently, if my internet research is correct, the only blogs on similar subjects or UFOs in general that get comments or questions are those giving out sensationalist and in many cases inaccurate details of cases.

No one out there carrying out similar -serious- research into AE/CE3K reports?
This is why trash ufology wins out every time.

I'll just carry on as I am, perhaps making the blog subscribable only will work.

Time to get back to serious work."

Having given it a lot of thought over night I decided that the blog would not be updated regularly.  If anything pops up that might be of interest it will be posted but putting together new, lengthy posts just is not worth it. Perhaps it is too specialist a site and people are more interested in "100 percent genuine" UFO sightiongs/videos.  

A word to those who care: "100 percent genuine" is universally recognised as meaning "Hoax".

But what I wrote on the AE/CE3K blog equally applies to this blog.

I first started posting here in 2012 -8 years ago.  There have been 1,066 postings and only 22 comments (and those were mainly between myself and someone I know). There have been some 364,910 views with a world wide audience, which should not really surprise me.

However, in 8 years not one of those 364,910 viewers has had a news item from their country or anywhere of anything odd (as covered by this blog as I'm not really interested in whether Mrs Brewer has started putting out a lot of empty wine bottles), bizarre -creatures, UFO incidents?  Not one.

The blog has certainly not helped in selling books! It seems that new or never before published reports, evidence and thought to be lost phenomena photographs might be just what genuinely curious people or researchers might want to get their hands on -even the price was cut back to the bare minimum.  Nope. 

Try Amazon. They';ll take your money and after a week or two will tell you that the books are "currently unavailable"...because they are NOT on Amazon nor are they on Ebay -that is just a seller having to order from my store *usually 3-7 days to print and send out then add more time for the seller to post it out to could have had your book in a week (along with all the purchaser safeguards).

I am going to keep posting here but only things I find of interest and I am certainly not going out of my way to write very long new posts -I don't think the interest is there.

So none of the blogs will go just one will not be updated and one will be as and when I please.

Everyone has had 8 years to join in!

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