Friday, 12 July 2019

Hoaxers Galore

I was then told that these reports were "set ups" with the aim of discrediting me. Childish and proving some people really do not do any real research work.

At the same time I was sent photographs of a 'puma' taken recently in Devon (between 1976-2015 I ran the Exotic Animals Register -EAR- and was, occasionally still am, an exotic animals consultant to UK police forces).  Firstly, the photo was of a lioness (?) and not a puma.  There were a few hints that set off alarm bells.

I am now told that the entire report was...a set up by cryptozoologists (with whom I have no dealigs) to discredit me.  In fact, checks had already led me to believe this.

Seriously: would you people just stop acting like children and carry out real research or just go away. These are the 'experts'!

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