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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Is UFO Research Dead?

I previously posted an item on how Mack, Hopkins and Jacobs got things messed up.  I later went into more detail of how Jacobs was, based on what I had learnt, corrupting research and abandoning the Scientific Principles he claimed to hold to.  I expanded on this in UFO Contact? and today I accidentally found an old The UFO Trail blog post that confirmed what I thought:

I also, on this blog as well as in Unidentified-Identified remarked on the fact that in the United States you were far less likely to have even a major report taken seriously if your "hair was not straight enough". In other words there was rife racism and it was being glossed over and covered up.  We had problems in the UK in the 1970s but this was minor in comparison.

I refer to the Eupora, Mississippi multi-witness landing of an object in the middle of a US Highway, a CE3K and another object hovered close by.  The two 'investigators' stuck their nose into the Pascagoula case (white percipients) and a UFO report by a (white) celebrity and a couple other cases. Yet a multi witness case involving black people on their own doorstep -and despite the best efforts of Ted Bloecher at the time- went uninvestigated.  MUFON open a cold case?

Well, firstly, insulting response to my polite suggestion was one thing. The fact that MUFON wanted me -in the UK- to find and contact the witnesses in Mississippi and IF I could get them to contact MUFON and IF they filled in a report form officially then MUFON "might look at considering the case" oh, but it was sooooooooo long ago in 1973.  Wonderful how MUFON can look at 1960s and 1970s cases when TV is involved.

Read this:

And it goes on. Good MUFON investigators have left:

Go visit MUFONs website -its okay you never took the wrong term to "merchandise" because whatever page you go to you get pop-ups to promote books and other things.

It is safe to say that MUFON ceased to be a serious scientific organisation long ago. Ufology is a mess in the United States -it is a mess in the UK where hoaxing and fake report planting means nothing after 1977 can be trusted unless others can vouch for witnesses being real.

Jacobs has lost it and his research is no longer of any value or interest.

Serious ufo researchers need to step forward and speak up and start publishing research results!

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