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Sunday, 2 June 2019

So WHY Are The Blogs Back?

The Alien Entity and CE IIIK blog as well as the AOP blogs are back.

The reasons are quite simple. I was contacted by a Ufologist I have known for some years and he forwarded -under strictest confidence- some private UFO chat group exchanges. The first group of exchanges were between "UFO sceptics" -ie debunkers. My name was prominent. Apparently they felt that they had to do something about me and my work in "exposing fraudulent, lazy and incompetent investigations" -yes, they used that line. It seems that my exposing "sat on fat arses in chairs" investigations upset them.

I'll cry later.

It appears that certain "serious Ufologists" also share an hatred of me for exposing fake reports and the deceit carried out on the public.  In fact, there was serious discussion about my having died until someone mentioned that I was still alive. "Something needs to be done to discredit his work!"

Let's now step to the even weirder side of things. The "paranormalists", ghost hunters, etc. Guess what?  Yep, they are equally pissed off at me and a "cross the board ban from giving him any information should be put in place".


Next we have the Cryptozoologists (Penn & Teller's "Craptozoologists" comes to mind but let's be polite.  Guess what?  You guessed??

The odd thing is that Ufologists, paranormalists and cryptozoologists all steal "borrow information from my blogs and books.  Confusing, right?

Let me make this clear: these people will get like-for-like and I have far more detailed info on them and their backgrounds than they have on me. Pathetic, sad, funny and near farcical.

I need to also make it very clear that I know that there are serious investigators/researchers out there.  However, for one reason or another they keep their heads low and remain quiet. Basically, being victimised by the bully fringe.

I upset these people so much by giving facts, turning up lost information and generally revealing the truth -what they are supposed to be doing?

I am back and the truth is the truth no matter what the hoaxers and liars want people to believe.

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